I’ll only say this once….

So, my post today begins on not a great sort of note. In saying that I will turn the negative into a positive. I always knew that there would, could and always will be a backlash to blogging. I have heard the stories before and recently was outraged at a fellow blogger and now friend being attacked on ‘not representing the ASD community correctly’ . Yes… you read that right. Her positive and proactive parenting actually pissed someone off. The scandal!!
Well, I got a similar complaint about my own blog and parenting recently too. Of course my first response was a lot of fucks, piss off, fuck, fuck , you suck type deal but then, I deleted the comment, blocked the user ( although they can still read my blogs if they want) and I wished them well into the universe and said a big thank you.
Thank you for reminding me what NOT to be like.
Thank you for reminding me that I LOVE my life, my kids, my husband and our lifestyle.
Thank you for reminding me of how far we have come, battled and overcome obstacles with our son.
Thank you for reminding me to refocus on what’s ahead and set out our new goals to focus on.
I apologise if my outlook has not been more doom and gloom. That I am not angry or frustrated about the hand that has been dealt. I have been in the past. Believe me.
I’ve shed countless tears, raised my voice, lost hope, been overwhelmed, been angry… so angry. I’ve stepped away from things I have loved to put my energy into my sons health and well being. I have sacrificed a lot as has my husband and it has been a centre point a lot of our time in our conversations, time and money.
But,… I’ve chosen not to dwell on that because you know what it got me?
A big, fat load of nowhere!
So I won’t post over the top, dramatic and sad things on ASD or my lifestyle. That doesn’t represent the community of parents in the slightest thank you very much!
And I am not going to apologise for it… EVER.
My god. My friends and family would slap me silly if I played the ‘why me’ or victim card. Sorry… but I ain’t that kind of person and I honestly don’t have a huge amount of time for people who are any more.
There is nothing wrong with being positive on the subject. It should be done more often.
B man has gone from no verbal, highly sensitive to any sensory processing from food, noise, touch and communication. Delayed cognitive skills and social skills to a outspoken, very empathetic and inquisitive little man who will no give most things a good go AND is highly sociable. What’s not to be positive about???
I do get over how there always has to be someone that has to open their mouth really because they are having a bad day. Don’t put your stuff on other people man! Be cool, just chill, it’s ok.
Lots of Love
The Um Mum

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