School Holidays Round 2!


Kelly, Can you handle it?
Michelle, Can you handle it?
Beyonce, Can you handle it?
I don’t think they can handle… Woooh!
Actually Beyoncé probably has 16 nannies to handle it… lazy bitch.
So we are shoulder deep… No neck deep… No … just way over our heads deep in toddler tantrums at the moment.
The epic, blood curdling screaming, stomping of feet, hitting out, red faced, toddler rampaging.
It’s made both myself and my husband want to quit adulting, run and hide.
And it’s has come conveniently with bringing the new baby home.
We didn’t plan that one well now, did we?
So amidst the cluster feeding , school runs, therapy, homework, swimming lessons, hubby’s 2 jobs and massive sleep deprivation (and I mean really bad, I’m starting to see things, sleep deprivation) , we are having to navigate ourselves through the treacherous world that is toddlerhood .
The toddler that insists on feeding the baby, changing the baby, pumping (yep) waking the baby, teaching the baby how to yell, singing at the baby, yelling at the baby because she still hasn’t learnt to yell, then ssshhing the baby when she finally does crack it.
Oh and it’s school holidays just started!
Yeah… remember that list I made last time about what I was going to do next time…
Well… um… so I’m not pregnant.. tick.
And yeah.. that’s pretty much it. Just have a newborn instead . Nailing it really aren’t I? 😳

The good news is, Byron is still very much obsessed with his robots and Lego, so I figure I have a few days where I can just say… Lego day today. Even though I hate Lego with all my might.
But this September school holidays… we shall make friends and work together as a mum and Lego team. A united front!
As well as this new found friendship with Lego,
I have also embraced a woman in my life that I find so obnoxious and annoying usually. With her sexy buttery voice and ‘ I know it all attitude’ . The woman who always comes between my husband and I while traveling….yes that’s right. Siri. The Evil, smart arsed lady who sends you in the wrong direction and always talks back to you in her ever condesending tone.
Well Siri, meet my son, My ASD son who has every question ever imagined and needs the answers.
Yep, ladies and gentlemen when Byron asks a question and I don’t know the answer to…it’s not ask Dad, its ask Siri.  And boy does he give her a run for her money, I actaully smile when she doesn’t know the answer. HA!
But in truth it is a great way for supervised learning and curoisity. Like what is the weather in Japan? How do you make a robot? What does a engineer do? How tall is the highest mountain? How long do trees live? Do scorpion’s eat frogs? ( She didn’t know that one)
Admittedly I have also  arranged a play date with Byron best friend at school AND another friend he has had since birth…….. and it does help a lot that the mummas are dear friends of mine so it’s a chance to have a cuppa and chat.  So I am  more organised than last time. And I will even get to spend some time with  real grown ups! Weeeeee!!  I actually am a bit prepared! Go me.
I am also so lucky that this new Bub is so relaxed and calm. She is a dream really and fits into the family beautifully. I said I didn’t want anymore babies after this one but then I cuddle her and think… maybe one more? Gahhh! ( Baby update post coming soon)
But once again.. the toddler.
Nothing could prepare me for this. And I do keep saying that little saying ‘the days are long but the years are short’ to myself repeatedly but in all honest the words coffee and it wine seem to help a lot more!  Evie has reverted to wanting a dummy, a bot bot and needing to be carried everywhere. I’ve heard countless times about toddler regression but this is insane. And only when the baby cries does she deem it the perfect time to also wail and cry ( all fake) until I give into her demands.
Lucky I love the little buggers. And lucky I am surrendering to the chaos of holidays a little more. Heck… I may even enjoy it!
But If anyone does know if scorpion’s eat frogs…Can you let me know?
Ciao for now xx

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