In honour of launching this site I thought it only appropriate to do a feature and interview on the lady who helped kick my butt into gear on actually pursuing this cray cray idea.
Angela Simson.
She most likely needs no introduction to many of you. If you are an Insta geek like me then you would surely follow this blonde beauty and or follow her insanely addictive site called ‘The Gratitude Project’.
So although Ange is not an ASD parent, she is indeed a parent and her message is loud and clear to anyone who wants to listen. Take self-care and have gratitude in your everyday life. Sounds really simple doesn’t it?
The reality is many of us don’t practice this in our lives and it really can play havoc on your life.
I speak from experience. And I sought out Ange’s help.
I had followed her for actually several years before I embarked on my coaching journey with her. I would diligently read every post she would write, test out as many recipes and try my hardest to actually put into practice what she would talk about. But many a time I would let things slip away and shelve the idea of self-care for another day. Too many other things needed to be done. I always struggled with saying yes to things I didn’t really want to do or letting other people’s needs come over my own and even my families. It was starting to get me angry and overwhelmed and I knew I had to get my priorities back in order.
We had shared a few small emails back and forth over the years until one day while was hauling my trackie wearing sweaty butt out of the shopping centre before my one year old cracked the mega shits, I walked past this angelic blonde in a leather jacket holding hands with this cherub like tot. ‘Crap…that’s Angela’ I thought. And before I knew it I actually yelled out her name. I couldn’t believe I was about to embarrass myself like this but here I was in all my last year’s Kmart lounge wear glory, hollering at this poor unsuspecting mum minding her own business.
We talked, hugged and 4 weeks later we were having our first session together. I just had to take it as a irrefutable sign that it was time to get some assistance and learn what self-care really meant.
Now I couldn’t put more of an importance on self-care for parents. Especially those who have children with special needs. I kid you not, 95 percent of us do not look after ourselves…yeah you. I have lost count at how many are rundown, time poor, emotionally and physically depleted and a lot of the times have put work,buisnesses, relationships and every other aspect of life completely on hold. Which is understandable but ultimately has devastating impacts to our lives and families.Self care doen’t nessesarly mean endless beauty appointments and spa getaways. It can be as simple as taking 5 minutes out each day to connect with yourself…as long as it’s focused entirley on you it doesn’t matter how you use it.
It’s important…you are important. So literally check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.
So please check out this lady. I speak from expeirence when I say she really can be your gaurdian angel and help you in ways you never really thought about. Do it!
Here is what Ange had to say about what she does, how she works it and what inspires her.
What and or who inspires you?
I get really inspired by social media.  Some people find it a little negative when it’s used in the wrong context but I find by following inspiring accounts, people that are doing their bit to put more goodness into the world and individuals that are living authentically, you get inspired daily.
What got you started?
I really simply just wanted the best for my family, for them to be healthy and happy.  When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew that her health wasn’t going to be a complete coincidence, it would be a combination of her genes, my diet before and during her time in my belly and her surroundings as a newborn.  I wanted the best start for her and I wanted to be here for a long and healthy time to watch her thrive in life.
What are you most proud of?
Two things, my relationship with my husband and how we’ve raised our little girl.  I’ve always made it a priority for me and Hugh to work on our relationship and make sure we’re constantly communicating and developing our lives together.  I believe that our strong bond and respect for each other has made our daughter feel really secure it her life and I’m always so proud when I see her sweet little soul navigating this big world.
What would you say to your 13 year old self?
Stop stressing about your weight, stop worrying if people like you and spend more time appreciating this incredible time in life.  As teens we get so caught up in the outer stuff and it’s really intimidating and overwhelming at times.  But in saying that, I wouldn’t change anything about my upbringing and journey into adulthood, because it’s got me where I am now and I’m forever grateful for it all.
How has becoming a life/ health coach changed you and
What made you become one? 
I wanted to become one first of all totally selfishly, so that I could be the healthiest version of myself possible and raise health and happy children, but then I realised the good that actually doing this work and putting my self and my story out into the world could do, so I went from studying for fun to creating The Gratitude Project, a business that was never planned but has filled up my life in so many ways.
What do you believes makes a good health coach?
Someone who has the clients health and happiness in the forefront of their mind and is open to the unique composition of each person.  We’re all so different and the belief that there is a one size fits all diet is so out of whack.  We all need different foods to help us thrive, we all have different priorities in our careers, relationships and fitness routines so a good Health Coach would always take that into consideration and personalise her clients program to suit her needs.
Current obsessions? 
Snapchat and everything coconut!
How do you react to negativity? 
Awfully!  Because my business is built around health and happiness I very rarely have negativity surrounding it so on the odd occasion that I experience it, I completely shut down.  It would take me a few hours to come to terms and crawl out of my hole to deal with whatever it is that’s happening then I take it on full force!
Have you always had self care practised in your lifestyle? 
In ways, yes, but I never realised it was called that.  My mum is the greatest example of what giving to your self means for what you can give to others.  The woman is so incredibly generous and does SO much for others, it’s actually amazing how she gets it all done.  But she also takes really great care of herself and books in massages, rests when she needs it and that level of self care means that she has more than enough to give to her family and loved ones when they need support.  She’s literally like superwoman!
What would be your advice on people wanting to place more self
care into their lives? 
Start by downloading my free eBook – 30 Days of Self Care – and test out one full month of spending just 5 minutes per day doing something for you.  Once you notice the effects on your life from that simple 5 minutes you’ll realise how important self care is for you and those around you.  Being the best person you can be means you can better take care of those around you.
What would be your 3 key tips for balancing parenting and being a boss lady? 
Work time is strictly work time and when Bo is around, I’m 100% her mum.  I work when she’s at kindy, when she’s napping and sometimes at night.  I don’t allow her to feel like I’m neglecting her for my business, she’s only going to be this little and sweet for a short time and I don’t want to miss any of it.
Tell us something people don’t usually know about you? 
I worked at McDonalds as a teen and used to dip chicken nuggets into soft serve ice-cream (cringe!)
What makes you laugh?
Pretty much anything, I’m sarcastic and I appreciate that in others also!  Plus hearing other people laugh, happiness is contagious.
Do you feel social media has a negative or positive impact on people today? 
As my first response, I think it CAN be incredibly positive if you follow the right people.
Share your fave recipe? 

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