Biting off more than you can chew.


Chewing! The Bain of my existence! It’s an issue that started with B when he was around 2 and still has not gone away. It only gets worse and it’s horrible. Currently there is no end in sight. I hope one day and we have tried so many different things. I guess patience ( man I use that word a lot) is the only thing I can have right now.
There is a funny side to it.
Our friend is a physio and Byron dearly loves playing with all the cool physio bit’s and bobs our they have at their place. In one instance there was a blue foam roller that you can use to roll over body parts. B took particular exception to this and our friends kindly said you can have it.
Well, this was awesome. He was so excited and we were thinking this may help relax him and we could incorporate some OT into it. It disappeared for a few days and for the life of me I couldn’t find it anywhere. Byron was also suffering from a really sore tummy and it was only getting worse. One morning I found it, stuffed behind his bed. With a huge amount of it missing. Not broken off…eaten away. And I’m talking a considerable amount. Shit! Shit! Shit!
On the contrary….Byron was later doubled in pain as his body was slowly digesting this considerable amount of blue foam from the physio roller and the shit, shit, shit so to speak was going to have to happen soon…….dear god! It was blue. So very very blue and so very very painful. 2 days off school while this stuffed passes through his body. I thought it would never end. And he was not at all well or comfortable.Here I was thinking…well this may stop the chewing objects.
I mean usually he only chewed things. This time he actually digested it. Surely this will teach him a lesson? And also…blue poo was so…festive! Anyway…it was not a great couple of days but none the less humorous when I told people what was going on.
And looking back…yeah it was funny but the compulsion is real and can be so utterly frustrating and potentially dangerous.
B man will chew anything and pretty much does
-school equipment
– anything of his sisters
– art supplies
– pillows
– curtains
toy basskets
-anything of mine
-anything of his dad’s
– the trampoline
– the swings outside
– paper. So much paper
Christmas and birthdays I silently scream and agonise over all the potential little ity bit’s of things he will be given that will no doubt will be looking like Robert Shaw in his portrayal of Quint in next to no time! (Jaws, for those going …Um…Who?)
And the two ironies that lay here is this is a child who has sensory issues with food but will chew on any other non digestible item AND he won’t have a bar of any actual chewable toys on offer. It’s like he can tell that it’s actually meant for chewing so there is no interest there. Typical! Bloody Typical!
We have tried everything and it’s now just getting to the point of taking toys away, iPad away, play time etc. to make him aware of what he is doing. And a lot of the time he isn’t aware it’s just a habit that is deeply rooted in him. It doesn’t always stops the chewing but it will distract him for a while. But I have to crack down on it because the fear of him swallowing something that can cause him to choke or swallow something that can do damage to his insides. Hello helicopter parenting! As well as this, his trips to the dentist have increased just  to make sure. Luckily he still has mainly baby teeth but slowly they are starting to come loose and i do suspect the chewing speeds the process up of him losing them.
There is part of me that says, in time and as he get’s older this will ease and he will start to ease off on the chew factor and I am aware it is a sensory processing issue and also part of the speech delay he suffered. But it’s a big, fat sucky issue and I wish it would piss off for all our sakes. I’ve cried several times over it and it’s just not an over night fix.
Helloooo Mumma whinger!
If anyone out there is going through this too I would LOVE to hear from you. Sometimes it’s just a comfort to feel you are not alone or even better hear what other parents do to help ease this crap.Ahh the emotions!


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