Checking out for a bit.

Ah Pregnancy!
I’m ready to pop…at least I hope I will soon! Between feeling like a whale and juggling a toddler and active ASD  6 year old I thought I would step away from the blog posts for a wee while until well…..Bub is out and I am functioning human being again!
I will admit that this has not been my greatest pregnancy and after talking with a lot of other ladies I am relieved to hear it is pretty common for the 3rd pregnancy to not have the shiny, glowy feel to it. So I am not alone sisters!!
You won’t find this mumma wearing her flower crown and wearing flowy white dresses while little birds sing around me while I hand feed baby deer. Nope!
I have also had a lot of anxiousness about the birth this time round which surprised me as it is the 3rd time. And you do hear so often how much easier it is supposedly going to be. I am eternally grateful for having a much needed rave with my best friend who has only just had a bambino herself, and told me all the things I needed to hear not wanted to hear. It definitely put me back in the right frame of mind!
But we did unpack the frustrations of how women who are supposed to be empowering each other for birth, often just brutalise it.
The need to share the most horrific stories..
Comment on how big or small you are….CONSTANTLY. And trust me when I say there is really no need for you to express your opinion on that one. If you are not the womans doctor then shut your mouth. For the love of god!
The health of your baby because of your size….
How are you going to be giving birth?…..drug free or not.
Are you having more kids? ( Um….let’s just focus on this one shall we??)
Ahhhh it’s as annoying as stepping on lego! Just STOP IT!
We are shocking. And I have to be vigilant once this baby is born to never be like this to other women out there expecting. I think half the time people don’t realise that what they may say can really, REALLY affect a pregnant woman. Never forget we are at our most hormonal ever at this stage. Ask my husband!
The only person that can get away with weird comments or calling me fat is my 6 year old. I draw the line after that.
Anyway….I digress

On a WONDERFUL note….
 I have had the honour of having some  amazing women share their stories and will be featured as guest bloggers on the  Um Mum site!
I can not tell you how excited I am and very thankful once again to the instagram community where you can truly meet some inspiring and amazing people. These women are to me, are the bee’s knees and I hope you enjoy their posts as much as I did.
The community of parents I have found lately have been such a positive and powerful influence on myself and my passion on working on my blog posts and site and I hope I will continue to meet and hear such amazing and powerful stories that I can share with you all.
Don’t forget if you would like to share your experiences on the um mum site to drop me a line at
So many other parents out there love to hear how others roll yo!
So until then my lovelies….UM MUM OUT ( Mic Drop….Army roll…..then pulls back muscle and yelps in pain)

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