Focus Body Care


Want to add a bit of love to your skin?
I had to do a quick blog post on this amazing stuff! So my first interview I did with Ange from the Gratitude Project touched on self-care. Well…while on a date night with hubby (that’s part of my self-care) we recently visited Night Quarter in Helensvale. We were virgins to the place so  after hearing so many rave reviews from friends we had to try and it did not disappoint. On top of that I was aware that a little company I followed on Instagram @focusbodycare, had a stall there so I was more than keen to finally check them out.
As we entered you were immediately hit with the beautiful smells of the gorgeous bath bombs and well…that took me to my happy place straight away. The girls at Focus Body Care were so friendly and helpful and walked me through the range of all their delicious products. Completely natural, suitable for all types and excellent prices! I mean…when your husband says “Get the whole pack” I take that as a big sign of approval!
I have only been using it for a week and already I have had comments on my skin…which is a big confidence boost while I currently feel like a whale as I reach my 3rd trimester. And when I said delicious products…I mean it. I’ll be honest, I got some face scrub in my mouth on my first use and it was really yummy. (Hey I’m not ashamed to tell you that.)
If you want to shop local….which we all should do a bit more, have beautiful glowy skin and buy at an excellent price then hit up Focus Body Care at the Night Quarter Market on Friday and Saturday nights OR  go to 
I can honestly say I am a converted woman and will be stocking up on this beautiful product!!
Pic Cred @focusbodycare
PS: I am not sponsored in anyway by these guys I simply love their products and want to share with you all xx

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