Our Country Escape

We recently returned from a little family country retreat and some much needed family time. It seems every year around the same time we feel this pull to pack up and get away from the norm and live a bit simpler. We all need it. Society indeed adds to much weight to the everyday person on how much they need to achieve and do every day…it’s exhausting.
So like I said we packed up and headed to the Sunshine Coast, this time staying in Bellthorpe which is prominently dairy and farming country. And more to the point….quiet. Like deafeningly quiet which to parents equals bliss, Right?
Well, it is until you remember the two other little people that are on the same trip as you and can sense that all this quiet needs to be counteracted with the yells and squeals of children who feel that they need to be heard. It’s a typical family holiday for everyone. That vision of romantic walks, reading books in hammocks (which currently I have one unnamed friend doing in some tropical climate as I type this…..I am not at all jealous) Strolling through little streets with coffee in hand taking all the time in the world…
Yeah that doesn’t really happen with kids does it?
The reality is you spend so much of the day trying to wear the buggers out so that (fingers crossed) they crash earlier and you may get some quite time in before you yourself fall into a heap. The toddler screams at you the whole way in the car (because you are asshole parents taking them to the park…the nerve), The ASD child cowering because he can’t handle the noise. The bottles lobbed at your head. That’s right…we have a bottle lobber of a toddler who throws any finished bot bot directly at your face. The ‘I feel sick. I’m hungry. I need to go to toilet. I’m hungry, hungry, hungry. I want a toy” on constant repeat until you finally give in and just shove something sugary their way just to get a moment of sanity. You know full well it will be your down fall in half an hour. And you brush off the judgemental looks of the ladies sitting near you who obviously are displeased with your bad parenting and dietary choices. Back to your chia seeds thanks ladies! Nothing to see here.
It’s this crazy family bliss that I realised I absolutely adore because…well you are all together. You are setting the schedule and you are doing everything together.
The other thing I notice is how much, even though they are still loud and energetic, the kids change! Yep….they sleep so much longer and seem to have that rose in every cheek that vegemite claims it does.
And it’s funny how all of a sudden the kids don’t need ‘things’. They just play with each other, march around, go on adventures. Once the demanding wears off of wanting everything ie: we ignore them until they gave up, they just seem to quietly surrender into just enjoying what is there.
It’s wonderful to see and a small relief from the ever spoiling sessions they get while on school holidays. The only thing they really want is your time.
Byron was an absolute champ. Sometimes I can’t believe I was ever in the head space that we wouldn’t be able to do things like that. Because at one point it didn’t look like we could. Sensory meltdown at every turn. But now…and especially since Evie has arrived all he wants to do is play, explore and learn. Taking on learning and challenges like nobody’s business, It’s amazing. He is most definitely in the Who? Where? What? When? Why? How does this work? stage, questioning absolutely everything. And it is times like these I thank my lucky stars we have google to turn too.
And Evie….well I really was banking on my one and a half year old to be happily carried on our bush walks and take in her surroundings from the comfort of her fathers arms or sling…but no, Miss E insisted she too would walk…the entire way. Guess I can’t complain about that. It just made the journey a little longer which really encapsulated the point of the whole trip. To slow the fuck down.
For information on where we stayed please feel free to email me. It was perfect for families and a great rate too! Highly recommended. Contact me for details

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