Progressive and Impressive


With everyone in our household still recovering from various illnesses,
I thought I would quickly jot down some incredible little things B man has accomplished in the last few weeks that I have only now just realised he is doing. All on his own. With no issues, meltdowns or unwillingness.
(Now I will note yes, we still have a long way to go. Learning delays, speech and body control are always key issues. But these are some things that through time and awareness of self he has achieved. And I wasn’t sure if we would get here.)
– Walking into school by himself.. like a boss.. boom!
– Eating pretty much anything I give him now without complaint. (Yes I do hide a lot of stuff in my meals. I’ll do a dinner hack post soon)
– Can change routine regularly
– Is now swimming at his correct age level
– Can follow several directions without confusion
– Problem solving skills are amazing!! Thank you Minecraft
-His sense of right and wrong is 100%
– Socialisation improving everyday. It’s no longer one sided and he always introduces himself politely.
– Reading improving
– Can order things at the tuck shop
– Can go into change rooms and loos without being overwhelmed by noise and people and do it by himself.
We were at Macca’s the other night for a “salad” and the kids were in the playground of doom that all Macca’s have. I stupidly walked them in with the stroller which seems to be code for… that mum in there will look after EVERYONES children and before I knew it 20 screaming MC crazy kids were in there playing with B and E.
This is an incredibly overwhelming situation for any kid and especially with ASD. It was going off like an under age disco party and of course there was a fair share of screaming and accidents happening as 15 kids all crammed themselves into the one area of the slide ( why kids? WWWHHYY???)
To my amazement… there is my son, negotiating all the little children and then having a huge Kevin Costner moment ( cue Whitney ) lifting a little girl out of the hustle and bustle, who was crying for her mum. He brings her out to me and puts her down, hands go on his hips… “um she really needs her mother, where is she?”
Later when we were eating our “salads” she came over and thanked him in a quite little voice with her mum.
“Thank you for helping me”
B’s reply was a thumbs up and a weird blink. “Thanks ok. You are welcome little girl”. She left and both Jim and I sat there for a moment in silence.
“Dude were you trying to wink at her?” Jim asks..
“Yep, that’s what adults do when they do good”.
Schooled on life yet again. Well played B , well played.

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