The Joys of School Holidays


A quickie post today….
Well I will be honest. I’m glad to see the back end of the holidays. It’s done. It’s over. I wave it goodbye and give a middle finger salute to it. I almost kissed the teacher on Monday. I was so happy to see her!!
This normally isn’t my attitude towards the holidays at all. In fact usually I relish the sleep in’s and no schedule time with my babies. But usually I am not 34 weeks pregnant with a toddler that is so adventure driven and a ‘I can’t keep a loose routine down’ mentality.
I don’t think it helped that  on the last day of school at 3pm when he walked out he also seemed to be coming down with something. Why is it always the last day of school? And of course by that evening his sister also seemed to be showing signs of this irritating chesty cough that plauged us for the next 7 days. Why? WHY??
This effected B greatly and I was taught a good lesson. Routine is still needed for him during holidays. Just a bit of over indulgence and he wasn’t the same kid. Pushed it to the limits. Meltdowns and tantrums. Lashing out at me and his sister at any given moment. And it’s not like he went without. Movies, park trips, art activities, a theatre show and so much robot making craft days. My god – if I hear the word robot I think I will scream.
But we made it in one piece, Eventually. With one nice trip to the ER on the second last day to top it off nicely. You can only laugh at the situation at the end of the day. That little adventure seeking toddler of ours decided to super girl herself off her brother’s bed ( According to him). Yep so the mother guilt kicked in big time because I didn’t even see the accident. This is exactly what happens when you turn off the TV and get the kids to go and have playtime and use their imagination! Thanks sappy Instagram quote of gentle parenting and  advocating no screen time…..Yeah FUCK YOU!
I apologies for my attitude again…I am pregnant and very hormonal at this stage so my inner Julie Andrews has disappeared this time round. Really at the time when I needed her the most. More Maria not Mary Poppins….( Let’s be honest Mary Poppins should not be allowed near children in reality. WTF is that shit she gives the kids? And no one questions it. Also a spoon full of sugar does not make the medicine go down… gives them Diabetes, Mary….Diabetes! ) …sorry I digress.
So…in reflection next school holidays I am going to pre plan some more manageable ideas,
Here is what I was thinking…
– Have a billion more idea’s that will wear downs the kids so they will be asleep by 3pm every afternoon and make them sleep until….let’s say 9am the next day.
– Wrap toddler in bubble wrap
– Forget all the helpful Instagram advice on how to be a perfect parent
– Ship children to grandparents for at least one week
– Make an activity chart with option’s so kids have choice ( I actually will do this next time)
– Invest in ear muffs for myself
– Don’t be up the duff
– Grow an extra set of arms
– Caffeine drip for my arm
– Hide

Yep…I’m happy with these ideas.
In the meantime I will be in bed for the next week!
Ciao for now
P.S   After this rant I must point out that I need more patience and I dedicate this post to my darling BF in Mackay who is currently overdue with her bub and reaching her own breaking point. I love you hun

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