Theatrics of Parenting

It recently occurred to me that my background in theatre has actually indeed been my in-depth training and preparation for motherhood.
Not only does it help you with time management, budgeting and the general public…most of what working in the theatre helps you with is …..people (Dem Dem Dem!!).


After speaking to my girlfriend…who  herself is a dramatic actor of the stage, she agreed there may be some worrying similarites. So I’ve taken that as permission to write a list of my  Actor speak vs Child Speak….
Come on guys focus please.
One, Two, Three. Eyes on me guys.
Please keep yourselves healthy guys.
Eat your carrots for mummy, hun.
Note to all: Project your voice!
Use your big voice sweetie…
No Alcohol until after rehearsals
Bot Bot after dinner
You did great! That was awesome!
You did great! That was awesome!
Ok, you need a doctor to look at that.
Off to the doctors we go!! Yay!
I’ll talk to the producer about it.
I’ll talk to daddy about it
It’s not in the budget right now…
Don’t be shit…
Best behaviour guys
Doing a full dress run everyone!
Dress up time!
Can we strike the set?
Clean your room
You are such a talent and you look beautiful.
You are so clever and beautiful.
From the top…
Let’s just try again
Stage left
Just stand here and don’t move yet
Let’s take a break
Mummy needs a time out and coffee
For Fuck Sake!
For Fuck Sake! (said under breath)
If lines aren’t down they will be cut.
Happens again, spidey will be put away.
Put your pants on please!(don’t ask)
Kid..put your pants on.

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