Prepare to relax? 

Happy hump day!!

Holidays! Yes we are doing it… we are taking the kids to Thailand and indeed we are excited. And slightly crazy…

Indeed we are those bad parents taking the biggest kid outta school for over 10 days. It took me a whole week to compose the letter to the school with the reasoning we were taking a holiday in term. Um hello… the flights are cheaper ( duh) . And yes… cultural experience yada yada yada..

The amount of times I wrote cultural, you would have thought I was writing a bloody arts grant. But once I handed it in they were all like… “oh awesome, have a great time”. Gah. Dam you standardised government crap that the schools must have on the websites. You make parents feel like scum of the earth for taking the kids out of school for a … gasp .. holiday!

Between that, passports, vaccinations, travel documents, permission notes I feel like I’ve gained 5 grey hairs and 10 years in just preparing. And we haven’t gone on the 12 hour flight yet. Hmmm a  ASD child, a toddler and a baby walk onto a plane… 

On that note, just for fun, I’m going to enter the plane with all the kids bags and strollers and make eye contact and that look of… “ah I think this is our isle” at several of the fellow passengers as we find our seat. Just to tease.. and see the sheer relief in their eyes when we walk past. 

Sucked in to the people near us!!

Not really, all SHOULD be good. I’ve never understood the people who complain about children on planes. Even in my 20’s end I was kid free, the people who complained really shat me. How else do you expect them to travel? Dragon? Unicorn? Fed X? Be cool dude! 

I’m sure we will find that other support family on the place. You know the ones. You catch their eyes quickly in between the “I’m hungry” and ‘Are we there yet because her toe is touching my leg” and you think “oh hey fellow crazy people, we got ya back for the next 12 hours, we understand!”

Besides that it’s going to be wonderful. We love the crazy chaos that will ensue!

Expect #holidayspam indeed!

If anyone has any recommendations for things to do at Karon Beach I would LOVE to hear! Sure… there IS a lot to do but 3 children friendly to do is welcomed!!

We have indeed gone into work/home overdrive here. Hubby is at 2 jobs keeping him busy 6 days of the week and we both have taken up a little fun directing gig together. Then my new business, blogging , side projects and ofcourse the 3 amigos has definitely kept us all busy/insane…. but very happy! The last month especially has been extraordinary on many levels, with new friendships, support and goals being reached. It’s exciting to go on a holiday and know that it’s going to be just as exciting to come back home and back into it! 

Although 4 hours solid sleep right now and someone to just do ONE load of laundry or meal…. would be welcomed 🤣😜

I will still be in contact and taking emails at so don’t be shy.

Have a great week people!! Xx

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