The Winter Survival Kit for Skin

July is Self Love Month so I thought a great way to send out some  love you all was to get one of my fave beauty bloggers to share her secrets to help us with the ye old skin during the colder months. Winter isn’t coming…it’s already well and truly here!

I met Jess at a Mummas Tribe function some months back and instantly adored her. She is a local girl and mum to the most beautiful little girl Aria. Her passion is all things beauty and if you check out her blog it is packed with fantastic posts and interviews. Expect big things from her in the coming months so stayed tuned!


Over to Jess….


All the elements are against us or should I say our skin during winter. The humidity levels in the air have dropped, the cold weather has set in, the heaters are turned on and we tend to forget about what is hiding under all those layers.

So I have put together my top skincare tips to keep you and your skin happy this winter.

NOURISH – what we feed ourselves we are ultimately feeding our skin so maintaining a healthy balanced diet all year round is vital. Our skin loves vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids to help collagen production and to protect it, maintain healthy cells and prevent free radical damage.

Think avocados, salmon, spinach, kale, blueberries, walnuts, almonds, sweet potato and good quality oils such as coconut, olive , flaxseed and avocado oil. Smoothies are a great way to boost your skin loving food intake just use water and coconut water or almond milk. YUM!

File 10-7-17.jpeg

HYDRATE – we tend to drink less water in winter as we turn to warm drinks like tea and coffee which are of course fine so long as we remind ourselves to top up on water too. Warm or cold lemon water first thing in the morning is a great detoxifier and kick start to our digestive system so put that on your to do list too. EASY!

PROTECT  – covering up when we are outside is a good way to protect our skin from the cold dry air and wind and if you are enjoying a little bit of outdoor time and winter sun make sure you are still using sun protection. It is crucial to keep up your good sun care habits throughout winter too. Just because the sun doesn’t feel as strong doesn’t mean it cant do damage.

CONSIDER – what products you are using? Are they stripping your skin of its natural moisture? Are  they full of toxins? Are they giving your skin the moisture it needs for the change of climate?

There are so many amazing natural, cruelty free brands and products out there now that are full of skin loving goodness. One if the biggest skincare mistakes people make is using the wrong products for their skin type so get some professional advice if you are unsure.


COOL OFF – well not literally haha but although a scorching hot shower is extremely nice and tempting when its cold it is also a quick way  to strip your skin of its natural moisture. So keep it at a comfortable temp without going OTT.

EXFOLIATE – find yourself a natural moisturising body scrub and get a scrubbing! Not every day but at least once a week. Keeping your skin silky smooth and looking and feeling good.

MOISTURISE – last but not least choose a hydrating moisturiser one that’s not full of crappy ingredients that will further dry out your skin. Don’t be fooled by clever marketing take the time to have a squiz at what’s in your products as they may be doing more harm then good.

There you have it ! Your recipe for beautiful and happy skin this winter!


File 10-7-17-3



With Love


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