My little Munchkin 

It’s not really a big secret that we have been loving the Munchkin range in our household. I truly wish these guys were around when I had B!

The bright and bold colours are pretty hard to ignore but the quality and range is outstanding and I can hand on heart say… as a mum who has tried everything, I am bloody impressed and so are the kids!

Firstly, this stuff can cop a beating and let’s be real here, kids are not gentle on stuff. Especially anything that may carry food or liquids. Expect it to be launched. And by launched I mean lobbed!  In restaurants, while taking a nice pram walk, sitting with the family, at siblings heads… ( no really) this stuff is hard to break. Spend 5 mins with my family and you will see why that element is so important.

We have been really lucky to test out the new latch range and it’s been a blessing. Zuzu is known to be a vomiter ( the vom trom) . The first baby I’ve had that’s had this issue. Ideally I would have loved to have been able to continue breastfeeding but unfortunately that just didn’t pan out the way I wanted to. Then once she started on bottles she was constantly sick and gasy. Just generally uncomfortable. 

Once we switched to the LATCH range from Munchkins, she pretty much stopped the vom vom  and was a much happier bub. These bottles are designed to be as close to breastfeeding as possible and have this clever little valve at the bottom to reduce air intake. Works a treat! 

These babies traveled to Thailand with us too so while on planes, Tuk Tuks and crazy taxis blasting techno euro pop, I could still easily manage to feed Zuzu with no issues. Winning!!

Another super clever thing that a lot of Munchkins products do, is they have heat indicating sensors! Yep! True story! The duck in the picture above changes colour if put in water too hot. That little duck is perfect to bubba or a cranky toddler in while you have a shower. They are safe and with you AND you can clean them as well. It’s win win.

Also a lot of there feeding products have heat indicators as well. The spoons will change colour or lose colour if the contents are too hot. And the reality is a lot of the time it’s easy to over heat the kids meals while juggling a billion other things. (I actually discovered the trick with the spoons after I cleaned them. I thought I broke them cause they were white and then was like a child at Christmas watching the colour reappear. I’m pretty sure the neighbours heard me exclaim ” oh that’s clever!”

This stuff is just down right great! All the kids love it and to top it off they make feeding fun, they also come into big play with the other parental dread of the day. BATH TIMES! 

Every cute design and toy distraction under the sun.. they have. The girls absolute favourite is the adorable mermaid swimmers. They zoom around the tub giving endless joy, while I do operation ‘Get the bizillion knots out of Evie’s hair before she pierces all our eardrums with screaming.’ And as much as he won’t publicly admit it… Byron thinks they are pretty cool too. ( Mer Man… Mer Man!!) 

So if you haven’t checked them out already head over to their Instagram page 


Or their website www.

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