Jord Woodwatches Competiton!

Our friends at Jord Wood Watches  have an awesome give away going on this July and it’s so easy to enter! Just follow the link in Bio or below to fill out the form for your chance to win.

These pieces are beautiful and I am getting pretty jealous of Hubby’s wrist every time I see it!  

I said it before and I’ll say it again… he won’t take it off. We went through a series of watches a few years ago but nothing stuck. You know the deal… really with a watch you either wear it all the time or it stays in the bottom of the drawer. Currently we have about 15 watches all doing nothing. How embarrassing! 

And I know everyone says… I have a phone to check the time. But really? A beautiful watch brings no regrets! You never get tired of looking at it! 

To me there is something strangely romantic about a beautiful watch. In fact the first gift I ever gave Jimmy was a watch. Back when we were courting. I had it under good advisement from his best friend that a watch is the perfect Gift for your man! 

With a beautiful range in both men’s and women’s, there is something for everyone. 

Hand crafted, wood time pieces 

Raw material, Refine design. 


The amount of comments received on it we know that this is one hot comp to enter!

Birthdays coming up? Or that perfect Christmas gift for your partner?? What ever it may be Jord has you covered! 

Enter now at

To see featured watch and more




Entries close on the 30th of July, so enter today 

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