So you’re pregnant… again

Yep, cat is outta the bag. We are expecting again. 

I’ll just cut to the chase and get some answers out to cover basis.
Yep it wasn’t planned but we had spoken about another in time.
Unprotected sex… why haven’t your folks explained this

We found out while in Thailand

Ofcourse we are happy about it.

Don’t know the sex.

Don’t care what it is.

Yep, we have an idea on names but due to not wanting public scrutiny over it, or really unwanted opinions we ain’t dancing that tango this time. 

Yes we I’ll look at getting a bigger car

Yep, it will be busy.

Nope we haven’t talked about more… let’s just get this one out first.

In truth for me I am done. But it’s really odd how people ask you either when you are pregnant or immediately after you have just got out of the birthing suite, if you are going to have more. Calm down, for the love of god!

So as I was saying. Yes, preggo again and the discovery was made while holidaying in Thailand. Typical.. that county hates the idea of me drinking. Honey moon… family holidays… why Thai? Why? 

The penny dropped when I teared up watching Frozen. Those who know me well know this is EXTREMELY out of character. A) it’s a musical b) it’s Disney c) its Frozen.

Also I lost the ability to want to even look at a drink. I had a first couple of great days and then even looking at someone drinking made me want to be sick. Our first ‘date night’ there really turned into heated discussions on why I was tired and then a trip to the chemist. Yep.. Jim was in massive shock for most of the next day. 

We already are 100 % full on now with 3 and the schedule we have, so 4 will really ice that cake. BUT , we are very blessed and if we are going to have 3 little ones close in age then we will enjoy every minute. 

Once again I’m preggo with my besties one is expecting her 3rd and my other is having her second. It’s all baby madness!! 

It’s only until now I’m truly embracing the art of saying no. If it doesn’t work we just can’t do it. And low and behold people are fine with that! For years I’ve thought otherwise , so I’m feeling very liberated. No really, sometimes you want to say yes but you know it will be an absolute shit storm to reschedule, find a sitter it sync up schedules #parenthood

The flip side as well is on days even if the kids are looked after, there is a mountain the size of Everest of things to do and get on top of. There is no down time. What year do you live in? If only it was ” I’ll do all your house work so you can actually go have fun with your kids” #neverhappens 

My mumhack is on some Saturdays after dancing I do go to my parents. There is a 50/50 chance of eating actually sitting down! Currently the ratio is one adult to child but come Feb we are once again outnumbered . Damn it! 

The craziest thing about the whole situation is wrapping our heads around the fact that our baby (Zuzu or Elizabeth.. whatever you refer to her as) will be a big sister. She is still our baby. It’s rushing by, oh so quick! 

The other two are over the moon and Byron is eagerly awaiting the gender reveal at the next scan. Evie is hoping it’s a puppy. 

On the health front…this so far has been the easiest! No morning sickness, well not much. And I have a good amount of energy to keep up with everything already happening. I am definitely putting it down to my nutrition support. It’s the only difference. And trust me when I say.. my last 3 pregnancies were not easy in the slightest. In fact last time around was pretty much hell on earth. The once rising issue is veins. They poped out with Zu around 25 weeks all over my legs and immediately went down after delivery. This time they showed up around 8 weeks and are already getting a bit painful. Thanks parents for passing on the veins to me! I appreciate it so so much!

 Again also the body image change through pregnancy is always a bit of a struggle for me. It’s common in women who have had body disorders and I probably will blog about this further another time. In fact it’s not just women with past or current issues, it’s a lot of women full stop. But it’s difficult to talk about. It’s often quick to judge the woman as ungrateful or vain.  Yes perhaps a more in depth post about this one soon!
We do feel incredibly blessed no matter how busy kids keep us. And our most favourite, FAVOURITE part of life are those beautiful moments you catch the 3 of them sitting there playing and talking. It gives you the feeling and hope they will all ways be there for each other long after your gone. 

Lastly… I need a new tag line. My tribe of 5 will no longer work! What shall I name the troupe of 6? Suggestions most welcome! 

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