Another 1st birthday Done!

Ah birthdays! They are a joy when it involves kids. I do love a good birthday especially 1st. I find that’s really special.

 We are a family they don’t go crazy with birthday celebrations. Probably due to both hubby and me being a bit low key about our own and also possibly scared off at the impossible lengths and needs others go to over their own. It’s just not really our bag. It’s not that we don’t love a celebration or a birthday.. we do. But when it goes into Birthday weeks and months… yep you have lost us. 

Kids are different. It’s so exciting and wonderful to turn the next year.. level up. It’s endless possibility and a whole day of feeling special. You celebrate with your friends, being cupcakes to school and your sisters and brothers HAVE to be nice to you. 

For Zuzu aka Elizabeth’s, we found Byron and Evie more excited than anything about her turning the big ONE. Although B was confused about why she hadn’t grown long hair and wasn’t talking properly. 

“She is 1 now mum… she is meant to be a big kid now”.

Her actually birthday morning turned into a much unexpected event indeed. Early that morning I was getting a few weights and stretches in before the day began and Miss Zu, as she does , was toddling around behind me. Within a minute of her out of my view she had wedged her little leg into the side of the treadmill. FUCK

The more I tried to see if it could just slide back out, the more she resisted and thus got stuck further. 6 firefighters and 3 ambulance vans later and we were off to the ER to get checked out. 

Luckily no damage at all was done to her leg except minor bruising and a very fragile mum. What a great start to the day. And a cap off to a crazy fortnight of no sleep, teething and a ear infection that just was dragging on. 

The silver lining was daddy came home and B got the day off school, so after the return back from hospital, putting the house back together and getting our bearings back, we had some quality family time. Which is all we really wanted. 

Low key was the aim.. she just had a few other ideas it seemed.

We had organised a little party gathering on the Sunday. Again very low key but lovely none the less. 3rd time around on the 1st birthdays.. and yep.. the other 2 were still fairly low key too in comparison to what some parties can be. I mumhacked a woolies cake, (Classic stack two mudcakes together and cover with icing) , cheese platter, fruits, more cake and cheerios and fairy bread.

 My super mum defeintly came to the rescue. Basically she did most of it. Cooking, decorations and kept my sanity normal the whole time! Thanks mum!!!!

 My MIL too brought some more cupcakes and my granddad even brought some pastries so there was mountains of yummy foods.

I am lucky enough to have two beautiful girlfriends that also happens to be the mums of Byrons best mates from his old school. AND, one of them has a younger sister who Evie adores, so with the boys and girls , and throw in the cousins, there were plenty of children playing and hanging out. PERFECT! 

Zu was gifted some beautiful things from all our loved ones and we are forever grateful to have so many wonderful people in our lives and our kids. Keeping it simple is the key to parental sanity! 

My word of advice for new parents is… firstly don’t listen to anyone (lol)

And… if you make the first birthday over top… just wait till your child is old enough to start making utterly random and out there requests that you have no idea how to pull off and you know damn well Etsy and eBay won’t be able to help. (Eg: and Frozen, paw patrol party starring a blue Hulk but everyone must be a princess… wtf)

On the other hand… this is actually the time you can control the theme. Fuck it… go nuts people! Enjoy! 

A huge shout out to my parents! For the food, chairs, ice, kid wrangling, party prep, keeping me sane, decorating, pack up, and all of Saturday! Love you guys!

Jim’s parents for the cup cakes and kid wrangling the other 2 when it was hospital mission with bub. 

Peckish crackers for supplying the awesome snacks!

Oliver Twisty Tales Shop ( blog coming soon on this gem of a store!). I’m slightly obssesed with the dolls from this store! 

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