Cruelty Free Beauty 

This may seem like a slightly out of character post for me, as I never really talk beauty much. Well, I’m a mummy blogger not beauty BUT  for the last several months, I have been suffering really incredibly sensitive skin issues ( I’ve actually had strange skin most of my life) but lately…. ugh it’s a nightmare! 

Anyway, I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful lady over the good old world of Instagram and turns out, not only was she a nurse but had a range of cruelty free make up options from the company Young Living, called Savvy Minerals and suggested I try some out. So, all the way from Canada, I received the most beautiful parcel of goodies and was most intrigued to give it a go. 

All my old makeup was giving me grief so I was on the market anyway for something new. Literally, I walk past the Maybeline counter in Kmart and would get itchy. Maybe it’s Maybeline or maybe it’s just me getting older?  #great


Now before you go… “oh here we go”.. . no stop. Many of you have may indeed seen this company through social media and they are more widely known for their essential oils. The truth is, most of these type of companies actually produce the most high quality and ethically sourced stuff on the markets. The amount of information you can find is astounding. 

And yes, a lot of women go into the business side of it to… OMG … help support their families and create a new way of life. Nothing wrong with that. They can do incredibly well from it. 

99% of the time, these companies will produce quality that far our ways the average brands we often reach for more out of comfort. And you have seen the memes… a woman doing her research will go deeper and further than the FBI. 

Regardless of what you may used to think, network marketing companies produce pretty damn good stuff. And you get far better customer service than most retailers. And on I side note I do not recommend anything I do not LOVE and or USE. 

Above is Vanessa  with Savvy Minerals

Clarissa before and after with Savvy Minerals ❤️

Short story is people… it’s amazing stuff. I I will most certainly now using it for good after giving it a go and also that it will be widely available in Australia come December.

This makeup did not  give me any skin issue AT ALL, which is massive because any makeup over the last 5 months has caused a really nasty rash all over my face. It had great  coverage, doesn’t at all look caked on, beautiful colours and best of all…. completely cruelty and chemical free! 

No Bismuth 

No Phthalate 

No Parbens

No Gluten Dye

No Synthetic Colorant 

No Fragrance 

No Mineral Oil 

And not tested on animals of course.

Something that we should all be reaching for when selecting products we use. Cruelty is just not justifiable in this day and age my friends! 

To top it off there is loads of really helpful videos on applications and ways you can use it. If I managed to be able to do it.. anyone can! Trust me! It is also really very fun to play around with it and the make up lasts you quite awhile! 

These are all biggies for me and as I get older I am indeed finding my sensitive skin only gets worse so I have to be careful with what I put in my body and on it. So this is a win for me. I was utterly over the moon at this product so I really wanted to share. 

If you want to know more please feel free to contact Ranette directly on Instagram @r_oickle

Or on Facebook  Ranette Orickle  

She has so much information for you and can help with anything you need

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