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Have you ever thought about who is setting the standard of image that you must live up to? Who says Kim Kardashian is a beauty icon?

So many young women imitate this image. I believe media and society are heavily to blame, but who ever made them in charge of how we should look? By adapting yourself to fit this image you are allowing ‘them’ to be in control of telling you and everyone else how you should look! Image insecurity, recognise it, accept you, love you for all you have. See value in the blessings you have received, ask yourself if you need more, simplify and just be as real and true to yourself as you can.
With White Brick Blog, I hope to share my experience, share a message and perhaps help a small hand full of women that are facing the emotional and physical challenges that come with these expectation. Particularly the expectation of how you look when carrying a baby. Make it easy, make it a fun challenge and understand that wellbeing and value can be found in simplifying ones choices.


Where did the minimalist journey start?
Of course right at rock bottom girlfriend! I started practicing minimalism in 2015 after a huge relationship breakdowns and an amalgamation of life changing events that left me craving for simplicity and intentionality in my life. My brother @jaydenkouli, introduced me to The Minimalists and from their podcasts, I was inspired to make some serious changes. Introduced to the de-cluttering concept I became addicted really. Went from a sad-hoarding-brand-worshipping fashionista to selling everything I owned at Kirribili Markets.I only kept my favourite things. Unbeknown at the time, that this was one of the major steps toward the capsule wardrobe journey.

Let’s fast forward a few years… Engaged  and pregnant!
Found this cutie that lived out of a back pack at my place for 2 weeks, who showed me first hand the true meaning of a capsule wardrobe before I even knew about it. Now we live happily ever after with baby along the way. So let’s continue on that chapter within the saga!
Think about that moment when you were getting dressed in the morning and realise you can no longer button up those jeans of yours. You are literally bursting out of your “period bras” overnight, rushing to Kmart to find something that will fit you… until the next growth. Not to mention, your j-string is disappearing into the ‘void’? Welcome to the noticeable body changes of pregnancy darling! That’s what I went through.
Started to feel fat and not so sexy any longer. Let alone the frustration of spending an hour sorting through clothing, trying to find a button up shirt that closed over these melons. Don’t want to cause any unnecessary distractions at the office meetings! This is when I decided to take intentional control and find a solution to my self-esteem and ‘I am running late again’ problem. The solution I had heard of previously and decided to implement; Project 333.
It is a minimalist capsule wardrobe concept initiated by Courtney Carver, in 2010. Her premise is all you need to get through a season (3 months) is 33 total wardrobe items or less if possible. Rather than falling into a hole of self pitty and lack of confidence, I changed the attitude and dressed this beautiful baby making body of mine with minimal spending and maximum return.


Streamline your pregnancy capsule wardrobe by following these 5 steps:
1. Put aside your favourite things: Pick out 5 tops, 5 blouses, 5 jackets, 5 skirts, 5 pants, 5 shoes, 5 accessories. Lay them out on your bed. Bask in their glory, remember that feeling. You should feel this romance about all items in your wardrobe. Otherwise… cull!

2. Have a packing party: Invite over a friend and pack away all your items that do not add value to your life or do not fit you any longer (or that shortly won’t). Don’t worry, you will get back into them post baby. Keep your T-shirts, stretchy dresses and skirts that you can wear. Separate winter and summer wardrobe.

3. Set aside a budget: We are not advocating consumerism and this is no excuse to go on a shopping spree. But, you do need to buy some maternity pieces. Use and abuse the fast fashion online boutiques: I really hate promoting brands but I found ASOS (better quality) and BOOHOO the most cost efficient for maternity clothing.

4. Shift your focus: Notice your thoughts around what you wear. Notice your mind set – I have nothing to wear, I wore that last week, wish I could buy that [INSERT BRAND]. Stop it and get over it. I promise, I get more compliments now wearing my $20 canvas Boohoo shoes than I did in my $1,200 Prada boots.

5. Be creative and combo: If you get stuck you can always follow the White Brick Blog Guide here and Instagram account for inspiration. It is essential to mix things up. Just because they tell you it is a kimono, doesn’t mean you cannot wear it is a sexy split skirt or open neck shirt.

If you are keen on following a THEUMMUM FULL TIME MUM PREGNANCY SUMMER STYLE GUIDE select the link below to;

Theummum and whitebrickblog are your personal cheer squad for getting started. We have both adapted the concept and we hope you can to.
Stay connected and share your outfits via – #mamamance

YOU CAN DO IT! If you do decide to take up the challenge please tag us and use the new comical hashtag play on words from ‘bromance’….

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