It’s not all flower crowns and pizza.

This probably is going to come off as insensitive, selfish and totally vain to some people. But I have to be utterly honest about this and it’s been brewing in my mind for a long time now.

I don’t enjoy pregnancy. And that’s ok.

Yep. I said it. Bring on all the comments of how selfish it is to feel this way. It’s a blessing I am carrying a baby. That infact this is my 4th when others struggle to conceive.

I totally know!!

But the brutal truth is not all women bask in the glow of pregnancy. It’s not all flower crowns and butterflies.

It’s also..

Massive fluid retention



Peeing yourself

Varicose veins the size of planets


Thyroid problems


Cramps that feel like knives

Sudden allergen reactions you have never had.



Sleeplessness… make that.. no sleep!

Moodiness and I don’t mean the normal type… Epic emotional meltdowns

Low self esteem

Panic attacks

Sickness, morning or noon or night or all 3

Irrational fears

Uncomfortable weight gain

Hair loss, nail breakage and bleeding gums

Extreme exhaustion

Did I mention peeing yourself?

The list actually goes on.

To top it off a lot of us preggo women also have irrational reactions to everyday comments that are made in your general direction.

I will add that this time being my 3rd baby in 3 years my body has absolutely had it. That has been noted duely in every scan I have had and unfortunately there is a lot of scar tissue in my lady baby making womb thingy to prove it. (TMI for some… soz!)

And an abundance of issues that I have had shows in my emotions and physical body. My last pregnancy was very tough. I was sick constantly almost everyday and had massive issues with vericose veins on my legs which caused a lot of pain. This time round its back with a vengeance and they have spread. Joy!  So much so that the issue of how I deliver is now to be advised. I now simply relate to being pregnant as being rather unwell. I hate that it’s the way I feel , but it’s etched into my body memory now.

When I was pregnant with Byron, I had only recently gone through a miscarriage. The entire pregnancy with him was absolute high tension and nerves. I was convinced something could happen and my obstetrician wanted to see me every fortnight to check on Bub ( didn’t help the nerves or general mood either. ) So I guess you could say that my first full experience wasn’t the joyful process usually planned out for first time mothers either.

This is the reality and I am not alone. I have actually spoken to many, many women who feel the same way. Difference is… it’s shameful to admit baby carrying ain’t yo thing.

And that seems to be part of society now. Anyone and everyone will openly disagree and shame you if you do something or say something that may not be the perceived norm.

But you know what… it is ok to feel this way. It’s only taken me 4 pregnancies to realise this. Own your feelings is far more empowering then disregarding them. I think you need to acknowledge it for your own health and sanity.

It is so so so important to be kind to yourself when expecting. You hear this a lot but the reality for most women in that a lot of the time you a juggling several full time jobs. Studies have shown the modern woman now does on average of 2 and a half full time work loads as well as being the main person on child raising. That’s astounding!

But… know if you do feel this way you are not alone! Note: not all pregnancy ARE like this, but this is my blog so… (I poke my tongue out at you and say.. sod it! Na na!)

If you do struggle, don’t be shy with talking to your GP or loved ones about your concerns. Remember: we are all different and life isn’t instagram perfecto!

You got this!

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