Birth Story – Mr Darcy


Ok, so another birth story. Darcy arrived on Australia Day morning much to our delight. As my husband noted.. the kid will get a public holiday on his birthday. Winning!

On the previous Sunday ( 5 days prior) I was contracting a lot. Not the.. “oh I’m having braxtons” it was the.. “do I go in or not?” Type ones. They stopped after 5 hours and I got some rest. I had an appointment at the hospital the next day so I knew I could wait until then.
At that appointment, the midwife happily told me I was 3cm dilated and having some big contractions which she was monitoring on the beepy machine. Excellent. Excellent but bloody uncomfortable.
She advised that I would possibly be back before my booked induction on Thursday evening as it all looked underway. In the meantime I had to go pick the kids up from school and kindy so I left rather excited but also thinking about what to cook for dinner.

The following 4 days sucked. Contractions came and went,came and went. I couldn’t sleep, eat, sit , stand or focus on anything. The pain factor was unsettling to say the least. I was lucky enough for my folks to come over during that week to help out while Jim was at work. I couldn’t do much with the girls. Jim ended up coming home early a few times in case we had to go in to the hospital but eventually the contractions would ease up by the evening ready to restart at 3am the following mornings. Joy.

Thursday evening finally arrived and we bid farewell to the kids and headed in. Quick call to the hospital only to find out they wanted to push back the induction time later that evening. So with a few extra hours up our sleeve we went and saw a movie. Impromptu date night! Won’t say no. Although contracting and throwing up during the film was not ideally what I wanted it was still a welcome distraction.

After the movie it was time to get to hospital to get this show on the road. I was tired, knew it would take a while and was a little worried on how we would handle the Epidural if I had one. With Byron I threw up constantly and it was exhausting.

We waited at hospital for another 2 hours before we actually went in and met our midwife. Apparently babies love being born on public holidays for some reason and they were popping out left right and centre so staff were in short supply.

Our midwife was a dream. A young northern girl called Emily, who had us laughing from the moment we met her. Jim and her were able to discuss all things England and we spent a good time comparing notes on what to watch on Netflix. Everything went pretty bloody smoothly. Only slight issue was it seemed to be hard to break my waters. They used the hook ( as I like to call it… swirly stick… just seems less aggressive) but it didn’t seem to happen. After a few hours with nothing really happening it was confirmed they mustn’t have popped properly as usually once my waters go it’s total show time.

I called for the Epidural. I was way too tired and knew this wouldn’t be like Elizabeths birth. I had spent way too much time comparing all my births and wanting another quick and easy water birth but, it just wasn’t going to happen and I had to embrace that.

Much to our delight the Anithatist was lovely, had a few laughs with us, and managed to do the smoothest injection in the world. Absolutely no issues and the bloody thing worked really well! The relief was a god send and I actually felt relaxed for the first time in a week!

Once we were settled again and basically just playing the waiting game for dilating and contractions our midwife told us what the usual game plan of how this would all go. She got every thing down to the T. She told us we will basically get it all going, it will just be the 3 of us until just before pushing starts a bunch of people will burst into the room, declaring bub needs to be out NOW or a c section will be needed, they will attach this this and this, tell you this, blah blah blah and it may become quite stressful so just focus on baby and what we have been doing. Ok then… eeeekk!

Emily had to go to dinner so another midwife came in during , and Emily noted to her that she was sure waters still hadn’t been broken properly but the Epi was now starting to work.

Challenge Accepted! This midwife was on a mission to have them broken by the time Em got back and since I had the Epi it was the perfect time.

NOTE: potential graphic description

She spent quite a while with the swirly stick until she exclaimed… “oh you are introverted! Right that makes sense! It’s a bloody hard bag you have in here!” After another 10 mins I felt a small pop and a massive gush of water. Jim looked happy. He knew as well as I did that things would really get moving now. Right on cue Emily walked back in and it was happy dances and high fives all round! Thank you dinner midwife!

Pretty much now contractions were coming thick and fast and it wouldn’t be long. Just the only issue for me was not feeling anything gave me no sense of where I was at. With the girls I knew and could feel what was happening every minute and felt a lot more in control. This time… well I was having a tea party really and completely unaware of how it all was down there.

Right up until … a bunch of people burst through the door and the scene that Emily warned us about happened EXACTLY like she described. We were all looking at her like… whoa mind reader.

We had a bunch of people we had never seen before grab my legs and inspect my lady parts. There was a very dazed medical student in the background who had the look of terror in her eyes ( we found out later it was her first day).

Before I knew it I was being told to push. Pushing felt like forever . What the hell was I pushing. A quick spew up on myself ( I like to keep them guessing) and before I knew it, this beautiful little blue and pinky bundle was placed on my chest. The first thing he did was hold my finger which made me burst into tears. I had no idea how happy I would be. Instantly we were in total love with Mr Darcy

I was surprised at my emotions to tell you the absolute truth. When I gave birth to Zu I didn’t cry at all. I was in shock. Complete utter disbelief. Not that I had a baby in my arms ( I had 9 months to comprehend that one) more the easy and calmness of her whole birth.

That’s the thing… I had spent a lot of time comparing everything to her birth. Basically knowing full well this time round would be so much different to the last time, I still compared and I still blamed myself for not being able to recreate the same thing. ( Silly me!)

All births are different and unique. But sometimes that inner annoying voice gets the better of you and wants you to compare, add pressure and talk total BS to you. But this is a whole other post… birth guilt!

Anyway, he is here. Perfect, adorable and is very much the most popular member in the household of late. Apparently he was also housed in a pretty popular placenta. Yep… every god damn Midwife paid us a visit while we were in hospital to talk about the perfect placenta we had. Photos were even taken and word got around the hospital water fountain. It is perhaps the strangest thing I have been know for, but hey… it kept us occupied while we waited to go home!

We are now the parents to 4 epic little souls. As much as babies can make me personally say…”oh I could have another”, we are indeed now done on Baby making. It’s now time to nurture and watch theses little ones grow. Bittersweet, but exciting nonetheless.



Post Script: thank you for all the love on the name. Can you believe it was more a street sign and electrical company that showcases the name rather than a love for Jane Austen ( insert winking emoji and Spanish Dancer)

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