Mixing it Up!

Hey mamas!!

Hey Papas!!

So this will be short a sweet.

I have had a heap of messages asking about mix feeding and what I use.

I don’t want to get into a debate about how women feed their babies, it just gets to out of hand and the last thing any new parent we needs is shade thrown from someone who may not agree with their personal choice.

I was saddened but not surprised at the amount of mamas out their who were worried about choosing to mix or bottle feed and the reaction they would get. A parent has enough to worry about already and doesn’t need to be concerned on strangers or… unhelpful opinions.

I have bub on the boob and the bottle. And he does have formula ( gasp!)

As my 4th child I still have a 3 year old and 18 month old ( who has a death wish lately) to run after. Plus school runs, after school activities,homework, housework, weekend activities and work to still do. I just can’t always breastfeed. Safely or well at times. Honestly too, some days my milk supply is so low because I don’t have time to sit down and eat.

I know I’m not alone. Many mums with more than one have the same issues.

Many mums with one have the same issue! So no judgement allowed here. Unless you can provide a workable schedule for 6 people then zip it ( on behalf of all mixed and bottle and boob feeders).

Please don’t get me wrong, I love love love breastfeeding and don’t discourage it AT ALL. I have to repeat this to make sure it’s clear.

So my habit currently is half and half. Generally I boob feed in mornings very early and before school run, and after school run and after dinner. I find a top up of formula before sleep tops bub up well and helps the first length of sleep for him and me!

The key is finding what works best for you and your day. I personally have to sneak in the feeds without big siblings hovering over us or climbing on me. #mumlife

I use the Munchkin Grass Fed formula in stage one and the Munchkin Latch bottles ( see previous posts for bottle review)

I used the toddle drink for both Evie and Zu and the Latch range for Zu ( she too was mixed fed).

To me this is the best stuff on the market and Darcy has absolutely no troubles smashing it all back with no issues! ( Yassss!) It’s made from Grass Fed, happy cows from NZ and contains no nasties. I have tried with my kids, various formulas over the years and this is the one that seems to be good on the little tummies.

• GMO free

•rBGH free

• Grain free

You can get the full range of Munchkin latch bottles at


Formula is widely available at Coles Supermarkets too!

Munchkin products are also available at

•Big W

•Babies R Us

• Baby Bunting

I also had a few questions in relation to milk supply as I usually struggle to keep it up especially when mix feeding. Lactation cookies my beautiful girlfriend gave me worked really well. They were from Franjos kitchen and were so yummy! There are so many on the market now, so plenty of choice!

Apart from the usual good diet and lots of water I also got a prescription for Motilium from my doctor which works extremely well!

If you are struggling talk to your gp to find out more and if it’s something you might like to try.

Remember every journey is different and unique. Do what’s best for you and your bub.


The Ummum


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