It’s not failure to get the extra help.

Having kids is a mission and a half! It’s the one job you get where it’s no training, no pay, no manual and it’s literally life or death. I’ve never heard in my life so far, a parent say they have it all down pat. It was easy. What’s the issue?.

So on top of that, what if your child isn’t reaching milestones they way they should?

I don’t mean from that “leap” ( each week “your child may or may not” … slow clap for you app… the definition of useless)

I mean major milestones like , walking , talking, eating, socialisation, comprehension milestones. The big ones!

And let me stop here before we go any further and I’ll just clarify … EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT and develops at different rates. This post is more for parents who have that suspicion that something may need to be addressed and I am supporting that feeling. I am not saying that something must be wrong if your child has a delay in an area. Welcome to childhood. It is a post to say if you have any worries about development in your child, don’t delay and get it checked out.

Whenever we get asked about Byron, the first thing that is asked is “what made you think there was an issue?” And “ how old was he”. In fact this is one of the most common questions we ever get so I thought a post in regards to it all was warranted.

Byron typically reached all his milestones to the age of one. A fairly early walker, babbled, ate, super affectionate , very happy and then after he turned one his babbling came to a complete halt. His temperament changed and he became increasingly upset to almost enraged. He ran from social issues, became fixated on patterns and routines to the point it became in interruption everyday and he stopped eating.

For a while, and because he was my first, I tried to justify the change in him with different thoughts. The biggest being, he is so young, it will sort itself out. Yep I said it!

Other people too would say it to I guess make me feel better or put my mind at rest. The reality was in the back of my mind that feeling that something wasn’t right was still there, stronger than ever. And after 6 months of that and no change at all, it was a relief to get to speech therapy and have the therapist say, “there are some definite issues, but they can ALL be helped . Especially because he is so young.”

And here is the thing. The younger your child is, the better chance you can have if you get help. No matter how big or small the issue may be. There is help out there!

There is no failure as a parent if your child isn’t hitting milestones. None at all! The first thing that may go through your head is reasons of what you have done as a parent that may have caused it. It ain’t the case and remember you aren’t the only parent who has gone through it.

The support is out there. The hardest part will be taking the first step. Sometimes that’s listening to your instincts. Seek help. Get a second opinion. Ask around ( we live in an age of social media and people LOVE to engage and help) . Research. Talk. Don’t let anyone minimise it or brush it off until you feel secure.

And in al honestly too… financially it can be a very expensive process which scares people off and one I hear all the time. The younger an issue is picked up, the earlier the support will kick in and that can mean help with the costs too.

I do not regret one therapy session, or appointment that we went through ever with Byron ( and there was a lot. Sometimes 3 or more a week). Now the kid is flourishing. Yep there are still issues but it’s not terrifying anymore. I will say it again and again to any parent who is worried about their child, make an appointment today. Even if it’s to put your mind at rest. But by doing that you are really giving your family the best chance you can.

It’s so understandable to be scared of the unknown but once you step into it, the relief it can give you is very much worth it.

If you ever have any questions please feel free to reach out! As a mum who has traveled the road well in this area I am happy to provide any support and encouragement I can if you need it

Much love

The Ummum


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