Winter Skin Care with Mustella

If you have been following me for a while you may remember when Zuzu was smaller she had incredibly sensitive skin including itching,eczema , red patches and would flare up at anytime touching her. Truth is not much has since changed and she is still our little sensitive bunny! I posted about finding that only the Mustella products would calm the skin farm (so to speak) and it was a product that I had used since Byron was a baby. I use every single last drop and dollop of this stuff so it’s safe to say it’s a family staple!

Flash forward another year and another baby and yep…. still using it for Zu and now Darcy ( who thankfully has normal skin). In fact I’m actually using it for all the kids which I’ll get into a bit later.

My actual routine as such changes from week to week but for the girls who usually bath together, I used the eczema prone bath oil every night which calms Zuzus skin immediately down and takes it back to normal (it’s fine for Evie who thankfully has zero issues with her skin), after bath time I use the moisturiser cream on Zu in any areas that are dry or still red (her lower back is common) and then finish with the barrier cream around the nappy area.

For Darcy, I use the normal skin range for bath time ( Gentle Cleansing Gel) then moisturise with the Hyrda Bebe creme and then again finish off with the Vitamin barrier cream. I’ll let you know the normal range smell beautiful. Not over powering like some other ranges are.

Byron has also been using the moisturiser on his face (mainly around under the eyes and nose). He has a tendency to rub his eyes and to top it off the wind burn we get when walking to school can really irritate his face. The face moisturiser works absolute wonders and a little mum hack… so does the Vitamin barrier creme. ( if it’s good enough for baby butts then it’s good enough for the face!) I will admit I also use the face creme and if I want some intense moisturiser I will slather my face in barrier creme before I go to sleep. You wake up with incredibly soft skin trust me!

I’m am so excited to again be teaming up with the guys from Mustella to be giving a lucky follower a beautiful gift pack for their little one.

The guys at Mustella will tailor the pack to suit the skin needs of your family!

All you have to do is check out my Instagram account.

Follow @theummum


Tag a friend and you have entered! You can enter as many times as you like.

Keep your eyes on our pages for when the winner will be drawn and get tagging 😀

The Ummum


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