My Kids Room. Toys to get the motor (skills) running.

Play and activities are a crucial part of any child’s development. We have know this for decades. It’s needed for fine and gross motor skills, congenital function and imagination. It teaches kids social skills, language and problem solving.

Selecting activities can be incredibly overwhelming for a parents because basically… the market is saturated with so many things. Most of them lately becoming super small, expensive, over packaged and not much value in the big scheme of things. We discovered an amazing little online store @mykidsroomtas which is choc block full of wonderful and mindful children’s toys and activities. We haven’t looked back since!

With Byron’s diagnosis back in 2013, it was always know that we had to encourage his fine motor skills as much as possible, as it was a huge issue for him and looked like it always would be. The Melissa and Doug range were shown to us by therapists and parents alike and we never looked back. They are FANTASTIC! Colourful, engaging, fun and interactive and the kids he loved every different activity or product we got. Flash forward 5 years and now his sisters too are absolutely enthralled with them. For the particular activities in the photos, the children were able to creatively explore emotions, problem solve, practice writing and tracing of numbers and letters and shared between them what they had done as well as help each other. This went on for hours and the best thing is lots of the charts are reusable, so we have had many hours of use for them.

The coding game ( On the Brink) is a huge interest to Byron and again has given him and his dad hours of entertainment. Most public schools now actually incorporate robotics and coding into the curriculum, so this was something that Byron was already familiar with. Throughout play he gains problem solving skills, mathematics, trial and error , creative strategies, patterns and patience! The beauty of it is you can always try again and that is something that can be difficult to comprehend on the spectrum. I’m happy to report that now he is trying his hardest to teach his younger sisters ( although they don’t get it quite just yet) watching him reiterate what he has learnt is only more confirmation of skills and knowledge being acquired!!!

The value of quality learning activities and tools for any parents are invaluable

If you are time poor like me and can’t get time to get to the shops then I highly recommend @mykidsroomtas as a great alternative. Fast delivery and great service…plus… they offer afterpay! Um… all the yesses there!!

Head over to their Instagram @mykidsroomtas





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