Yohome Love – Holy Sheet!

I have a new obsession. It’s a good one and one I know benefits the family, environment and ultimately my bank account. Not only that it fits in nicely with my minimalist mindset and choices.

Quality has taken a much higher priority over quantity and to be frank … (yes you can still be Garth) I’m sick to death of buying cheap crappy things that fall apart.

Check out YOHOME, my new love 🙊

Bamboo materials! Bamboo clothes…towels…bedding! Holy sheet where have you been all my life???

I cannot express enough how in love and impressed I am with the look, feel and durability of bamboo products. And investing in the things you use every single day it in my opinion well worth the money.

I am now in the process of replacing more of my wardrobe with bamboo materials because the shirts are second to none and stay in the best condition no matter how many times you wash them. This ticks all my boxes of what I look for in both practical and economical choices and doesn’t let down in style. I’ve had countless comments on my shirt in particular.

To find them, you can search “Bamboo Charcoal t-shirt” on yohome.com.au

Our bedding has now all been replaced with bamboo materials and I’m in love with the look and feel.

So where do I find all this greatness?

As many long time followers know, I love a small business ( another goal this year was to shop small and local!) and this gem of a company is also Brisbane based so yet again… winning. Dealing with the team is a dream. Lovely, huge on communication and their delivery times are so fast!

Mell (the awesome marketing guru of the co ) was able to get the company owner and business babe Yvonne to answer a few questions about this brilliant brand.

Here’s what she had to say…..

Years ago when YoHome was first set up, majority of people thought along the lines of:

– “What?! Bamboo sheets? They  must be rough?”

Then after feeling them would always be shocked that the products were made out of bamboo!

Now quite often we hear people say “oh yes, bamboo, I have a bamboo t-shirt & it is my favourite!” Every time I hear this, it makes me so happy even though they might not be our customers – it is just wonderful knowing more & more people are experiencing bamboo & love it as much as I do! That’s what I wanted

Inspiration on the start-up of the company?

To share! My partner & I fell in love with bamboo sheets & wanted to share this goodness with as many people as possible. I also love the growing & manufacturing process of Bamboo products as they do not harm our earth. I wanted to introduce them to more people, so I created YoHome – a place where you can feel the most comfortable.

Brisbane Based?

Yes, in West End.

What’s Next?

Initially it was to introduce the beautiful & super comfortable bamboo sheets to more people. Over the last 8 years, YoHome has extended to now provide more eco-friendly products from Bamboo bedding, towels & apparel to natural body care such as deodorants & toothpaste – we would love to share as many of these amazing products (all tested by us) with as many people as possible.

If you want to find these guys check out there Instagram @yohome

Website and Blog

Website https://www.yohome.com.au

Enjoy lovelies



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