Cotton and Style

I have had a little reassessment of my blog over the late and I have found that I have 2 common threads (get it.. because this one is about clothes?..boom boom)

No, seriously, I talk about 2 things a lot more now and it seems to be an organic but very solid theme. Parenting and women in business or standing tall in a situation or belief they need to express.

It started off with fellow mothers of special need children talking about issues or triumphs or other passions they have and it’s kinda… well stuck.

I am always in awe of what other women that I have been lucky enough to connect with on the social media platforms do. How they juggle life, kids, business. The absolute determination and humility these women have is remarkable. They just do it… quietly, brilliantly and with all their hearts. Move over celebrities… you’ve got nothing on a hard working mother on a mission! #realidols

This next women just struck a chord in me. I don’t know exactly what it was… she embodies everything I just described and then some.

Jemma reaches out to me one weekend, asking if she could send me a few items from her online store.

At first I was like… she must have the wrong person. I’m an absolute dag but, after looking at her site I was very much quickly in love with such a stunning range. And then incredibly excited and honoured that she would ask me!

(Here is my thing about blogging and being an “influencer” as they call it. It’s a privilege to be considered and asked by companies to work with THEM not the other way around. Just my thoughts anyway)

Anyway… after chatting back and forth a bit we were excited and I wanted to prepare a little interview with this lovely bossbabe and get to find out more about her and how she came to create this beautiful online store …

PS… I LOVE this range 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 hands on heart! I’ve been wearing the tommy cardi everyday.

Cotton and Style

When and how did Cotton and style start?

Ok so started Cotton and Style this March 2018 and finished up my other handmade business Manni and Me which was handmade polymer Jewellery, which I had been running for 4 years when my first child was a baby and I was on maternity leave! I was a Mental Health Recovery support worker (case manager) before starting my at home businesses.

What was the inspiration behind it?

My Partner of forever used to work away in mining, so I needed something to fill my  nights when our first baby was in bed.

2013 Anthony got diagnosed with MS and Lyme disease and he tried really hard to continue to work and unfortunately roughly 2016 become far to unwell to work and 2017 he went to Moscow Russia to have stem cell treatment (HSCT) although that treatment has worked, my partner is now having to have surgery and is still unable to returned to work

We had our third baby 8 weeks early and I had to spent 10 weeks 5 hours away for my partner and two older children, in hospital from November last year to February this year, which was hard. But 6 months on his perfect feeding well still on the breast and hitting milestones.

So with all this I do have a back ground in Retail and fashion from my younger days as a Retail Manager,

We decided to turn my love in fashion into something more and that’s where Cotton and Style has emerged.

I am a mum of three and often feel a little self-consensus and I just want to bring affordable fashion to Ladies, Mums and Mums to be of many shapes and many sizes. Our sizes are pretty true to size.

How do you balance running a business and motherhood?

I spend a lot of time multi-tasking and Anthony is very supportive, which helps. I work late into the night and find I get most my motivation in the early hours.

Have you got any style tips to share with the mums out there? What’s hot this season!

This winter layering is big, Cardigans are always easy one, for mums on the go. Colours that are trending are navy, mustard, khaki, grey and blacks as always.

What’s a great overall fashion advice for busy women?

I think fashion looks best when you feel comfy!  I also have a rule if I wear  tight pants, loose top and loose pants more fitted top.

Here is a look at some of the beautiful range Cotton and Style offer …

Grace Dress We at Cotton and Style love this newbie, with the beautiful Tulip scoop hem and  gorgeous sleeve detailing and a statement pattern and piece for sure.

This beautiful photo was taken in our amazing home town of Lakes Entrance and Nicole is wear our super soft, cosy and warm Ella cardi in Beige and our bestselling pant the Poppy pants.

Finally for a more casual look this season Nicole is wearing out gorgeous Rosie Frill hem Jumper in Blush and is teamed up with the fun and funky Lexi Jeans another staple piece for this season.

We currently have 10% off storewide and Free shipping Australia wide.


At Cotton and Style we try to cater for Ladies/Mums of many Shapes and Sizes and our size range is 8-18 in some styles.

Head to our site at Cotton and Style to view our entire range ❤️

You can follow Jemma and her brand on Instagram @cottonandstyle

Check it out and support another amazing women in business

The Ummum


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