DIY Kids Flower Bed #ryobimade

So when Ryobi offered an opportunity to collaborate and let me do some DIY projects around the house I jumped at the chance… and when I say jumped I mean… kind of like Super Bowl style when you knock someone out. I was so excited. I may have cried.

Why Jess? I hear you ask. Well, all you have to do is open our garage or even Laundry to see the wall packed with Ryobi ONE+ tools and equipment. I’m a very well established customer already. The fact that they have a massive range of tools and home equipment that all uses the same batteries AND goes like an absolute champion… I was sold years ago. I swear by their vacuums too btw… best little suckers ever! It’s all backed with a 6 year warranty and they really are very easy to use and reliable as anything! (youcan find an extensive range at your local Bunnings, and the guys there are 100% in the know to help you with everything you need to find out about.)


So back to what we are doing… if you are like me, you like to change things up a bit. In the home and the garden. I am forever doing that (it drives Jim nuts sometimes) but change is as good as a holiday.

For this project, we took it to the garden. We are making a little portable flower bed for the girls, so they can water and look after their very own little garden bed.

With seasonal changes in style, taste, durability and of weather patterns, often garden beds (especially make of wood) can get moody or after some years rot away. This is a nifty little garden bedwhere you place in the potted plants still in the pot to reduce risk of ever having to worry about it getting all rotten on the bottom from wet soil and general weather related issues. It also allows you to interchange the pots and foliage as your tastes change and seasons pass.

For this project, we invested in the help of super grandma! She often comes over and gets the girls working in the garden and they just love it. So it’s a girl power project all the way. Grandma is also pretty wiz bang on the power tools, so if I was going to learn more skills then I wanted to learn them from her 🙌🏻 #tradetts


What you will need:

Ryobi ONE+ tools:

Ryobi ONE+ Drill & Drill Bits

Ryobi ONE+ 50 Piece Mixed Drilling Set

Ryobi ONE+ Circular Saw

Ryobi ONE+ Multi Tool

Ryobi ONE+ Orbital Sander



Merbau Timber Planks x 2 cut to size (we end two deep in all sides)

1 sharpie

Planter box ( plastic insert that you can interchange)

Caster wheels (optional)




The wood we used was Merbau decking board …. which isbloody tough! If you struggle cutting them to size then the guys at Bunnings may be able to cut it for you. If you have the pot you are using in the planter then it’s the perfect indicator of size!

With 4 kids at home I got the guys at Bunnings to do a bit of pre-cutting for me and then did the small parts at home in the evening after the kids were in bed (I’m so sorry neighbours) using the Ryobi ONE+ Circular Saw.

Next up was lining up and drilling. This will take a bit of trial and error depending on the size you have chosen. I would suggest using another small piece of wood to brace the planks together so it lines up nicely. Mark it out and pre drill to make life easier. Using clamps is also ideal so you have no wobbles!



This part will take you the longest as you need to drill through 2 planks to join everything together. Using the Ryobi ONE+ Drill Kit to make holes deep enough then widening the head for the screws, will take time but once you are in the flow of it then you are cooking with gas!

Once everything is drilled and ready for screws, attach the sides forming an L shape and then you can balance the box on the ground to secure the rest (see picture)

The base is added in last. We added wheels for easy movement ( this may backfire if the kids decide to make a makeshift skateboard) but the wheels are easy as to remove.


I will admit… we made a few tiny mistakes so I stress pre drilling is key! And measurements 🤦🏼‍♀ but not to worry….. The base was just a few centimetres too big. A good sand on both sides fixed that issue quickly! (The Ryobi ONE+ Orbital Sander will work perfectly to get rid ofthose extra mms)


After sanding back the base to create a snug fit and attaching the wheels (see pictures) all that was left to do was grab the Ryobi ONE+ Multi Tool out and do a quick sand back of the edges (this is my favourite tool to use !)

All the tools are so incredibly easy to use, you will be feeling like a professional in no time and by the end of the project, my confidence on them was through the roof. I was ready for the next project straight away!!


To find out more check out the website and socials for Ryobi and get yourself into your very own DIY project.


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Cotton and Style

I have had a little reassessment of my blog over the late and I have found that I have 2 common threads (get it.. because this one is about clothes?..boom boom)

No, seriously, I talk about 2 things a lot more now and it seems to be an organic but very solid theme. Parenting and women in business or standing tall in a situation or belief they need to express.

It started off with fellow mothers of special need children talking about issues or triumphs or other passions they have and it’s kinda… well stuck.

I am always in awe of what other women that I have been lucky enough to connect with on the social media platforms do. How they juggle life, kids, business. The absolute determination and humility these women have is remarkable. They just do it… quietly, brilliantly and with all their hearts. Move over celebrities… you’ve got nothing on a hard working mother on a mission! #realidols

This next women just struck a chord in me. I don’t know exactly what it was… she embodies everything I just described and then some.

Jemma reaches out to me one weekend, asking if she could send me a few items from her online store.

At first I was like… she must have the wrong person. I’m an absolute dag but, after looking at her site I was very much quickly in love with such a stunning range. And then incredibly excited and honoured that she would ask me!

(Here is my thing about blogging and being an “influencer” as they call it. It’s a privilege to be considered and asked by companies to work with THEM not the other way around. Just my thoughts anyway)

Anyway… after chatting back and forth a bit we were excited and I wanted to prepare a little interview with this lovely bossbabe and get to find out more about her and how she came to create this beautiful online store …

PS… I LOVE this range 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 hands on heart! I’ve been wearing the tommy cardi everyday.

Cotton and Style

When and how did Cotton and style start?

Ok so started Cotton and Style this March 2018 and finished up my other handmade business Manni and Me which was handmade polymer Jewellery, which I had been running for 4 years when my first child was a baby and I was on maternity leave! I was a Mental Health Recovery support worker (case manager) before starting my at home businesses.

What was the inspiration behind it?

My Partner of forever used to work away in mining, so I needed something to fill my  nights when our first baby was in bed.

2013 Anthony got diagnosed with MS and Lyme disease and he tried really hard to continue to work and unfortunately roughly 2016 become far to unwell to work and 2017 he went to Moscow Russia to have stem cell treatment (HSCT) although that treatment has worked, my partner is now having to have surgery and is still unable to returned to work

We had our third baby 8 weeks early and I had to spent 10 weeks 5 hours away for my partner and two older children, in hospital from November last year to February this year, which was hard. But 6 months on his perfect feeding well still on the breast and hitting milestones.

So with all this I do have a back ground in Retail and fashion from my younger days as a Retail Manager,

We decided to turn my love in fashion into something more and that’s where Cotton and Style has emerged.

I am a mum of three and often feel a little self-consensus and I just want to bring affordable fashion to Ladies, Mums and Mums to be of many shapes and many sizes. Our sizes are pretty true to size.

How do you balance running a business and motherhood?

I spend a lot of time multi-tasking and Anthony is very supportive, which helps. I work late into the night and find I get most my motivation in the early hours.

Have you got any style tips to share with the mums out there? What’s hot this season!

This winter layering is big, Cardigans are always easy one, for mums on the go. Colours that are trending are navy, mustard, khaki, grey and blacks as always.

What’s a great overall fashion advice for busy women?

I think fashion looks best when you feel comfy!  I also have a rule if I wear  tight pants, loose top and loose pants more fitted top.

Here is a look at some of the beautiful range Cotton and Style offer …

Grace Dress We at Cotton and Style love this newbie, with the beautiful Tulip scoop hem and  gorgeous sleeve detailing and a statement pattern and piece for sure.

This beautiful photo was taken in our amazing home town of Lakes Entrance and Nicole is wear our super soft, cosy and warm Ella cardi in Beige and our bestselling pant the Poppy pants.

Finally for a more casual look this season Nicole is wearing out gorgeous Rosie Frill hem Jumper in Blush and is teamed up with the fun and funky Lexi Jeans another staple piece for this season.

We currently have 10% off storewide and Free shipping Australia wide.


At Cotton and Style we try to cater for Ladies/Mums of many Shapes and Sizes and our size range is 8-18 in some styles.

Head to our site at Cotton and Style to view our entire range ❤️

You can follow Jemma and her brand on Instagram @cottonandstyle

Check it out and support another amazing women in business

The Ummum


Yohome Love – Holy Sheet!

I have a new obsession. It’s a good one and one I know benefits the family, environment and ultimately my bank account. Not only that it fits in nicely with my minimalist mindset and choices.

Quality has taken a much higher priority over quantity and to be frank … (yes you can still be Garth) I’m sick to death of buying cheap crappy things that fall apart.

Check out YOHOME, my new love 🙊

Bamboo materials! Bamboo clothes…towels…bedding! Holy sheet where have you been all my life???

I cannot express enough how in love and impressed I am with the look, feel and durability of bamboo products. And investing in the things you use every single day it in my opinion well worth the money.

I am now in the process of replacing more of my wardrobe with bamboo materials because the shirts are second to none and stay in the best condition no matter how many times you wash them. This ticks all my boxes of what I look for in both practical and economical choices and doesn’t let down in style. I’ve had countless comments on my shirt in particular.

To find them, you can search “Bamboo Charcoal t-shirt” on

Our bedding has now all been replaced with bamboo materials and I’m in love with the look and feel.

So where do I find all this greatness?

As many long time followers know, I love a small business ( another goal this year was to shop small and local!) and this gem of a company is also Brisbane based so yet again… winning. Dealing with the team is a dream. Lovely, huge on communication and their delivery times are so fast!

Mell (the awesome marketing guru of the co ) was able to get the company owner and business babe Yvonne to answer a few questions about this brilliant brand.

Here’s what she had to say…..

Years ago when YoHome was first set up, majority of people thought along the lines of:

– “What?! Bamboo sheets? They  must be rough?”

Then after feeling them would always be shocked that the products were made out of bamboo!

Now quite often we hear people say “oh yes, bamboo, I have a bamboo t-shirt & it is my favourite!” Every time I hear this, it makes me so happy even though they might not be our customers – it is just wonderful knowing more & more people are experiencing bamboo & love it as much as I do! That’s what I wanted

Inspiration on the start-up of the company?

To share! My partner & I fell in love with bamboo sheets & wanted to share this goodness with as many people as possible. I also love the growing & manufacturing process of Bamboo products as they do not harm our earth. I wanted to introduce them to more people, so I created YoHome – a place where you can feel the most comfortable.

Brisbane Based?

Yes, in West End.

What’s Next?

Initially it was to introduce the beautiful & super comfortable bamboo sheets to more people. Over the last 8 years, YoHome has extended to now provide more eco-friendly products from Bamboo bedding, towels & apparel to natural body care such as deodorants & toothpaste – we would love to share as many of these amazing products (all tested by us) with as many people as possible.

If you want to find these guys check out there Instagram @yohome

Website and Blog


Enjoy lovelies



My Kids Room. Toys to get the motor (skills) running.

Play and activities are a crucial part of any child’s development. We have know this for decades. It’s needed for fine and gross motor skills, congenital function and imagination. It teaches kids social skills, language and problem solving.

Selecting activities can be incredibly overwhelming for a parents because basically… the market is saturated with so many things. Most of them lately becoming super small, expensive, over packaged and not much value in the big scheme of things. We discovered an amazing little online store @mykidsroomtas which is choc block full of wonderful and mindful children’s toys and activities. We haven’t looked back since!

With Byron’s diagnosis back in 2013, it was always know that we had to encourage his fine motor skills as much as possible, as it was a huge issue for him and looked like it always would be. The Melissa and Doug range were shown to us by therapists and parents alike and we never looked back. They are FANTASTIC! Colourful, engaging, fun and interactive and the kids he loved every different activity or product we got. Flash forward 5 years and now his sisters too are absolutely enthralled with them. For the particular activities in the photos, the children were able to creatively explore emotions, problem solve, practice writing and tracing of numbers and letters and shared between them what they had done as well as help each other. This went on for hours and the best thing is lots of the charts are reusable, so we have had many hours of use for them.

The coding game ( On the Brink) is a huge interest to Byron and again has given him and his dad hours of entertainment. Most public schools now actually incorporate robotics and coding into the curriculum, so this was something that Byron was already familiar with. Throughout play he gains problem solving skills, mathematics, trial and error , creative strategies, patterns and patience! The beauty of it is you can always try again and that is something that can be difficult to comprehend on the spectrum. I’m happy to report that now he is trying his hardest to teach his younger sisters ( although they don’t get it quite just yet) watching him reiterate what he has learnt is only more confirmation of skills and knowledge being acquired!!!

The value of quality learning activities and tools for any parents are invaluable

If you are time poor like me and can’t get time to get to the shops then I highly recommend @mykidsroomtas as a great alternative. Fast delivery and great service…plus… they offer afterpay! Um… all the yesses there!!

Head over to their Instagram @mykidsroomtas





Winter Skin Care with Mustella

If you have been following me for a while you may remember when Zuzu was smaller she had incredibly sensitive skin including itching,eczema , red patches and would flare up at anytime touching her. Truth is not much has since changed and she is still our little sensitive bunny! I posted about finding that only the Mustella products would calm the skin farm (so to speak) and it was a product that I had used since Byron was a baby. I use every single last drop and dollop of this stuff so it’s safe to say it’s a family staple!

Flash forward another year and another baby and yep…. still using it for Zu and now Darcy ( who thankfully has normal skin). In fact I’m actually using it for all the kids which I’ll get into a bit later.

My actual routine as such changes from week to week but for the girls who usually bath together, I used the eczema prone bath oil every night which calms Zuzus skin immediately down and takes it back to normal (it’s fine for Evie who thankfully has zero issues with her skin), after bath time I use the moisturiser cream on Zu in any areas that are dry or still red (her lower back is common) and then finish with the barrier cream around the nappy area.

For Darcy, I use the normal skin range for bath time ( Gentle Cleansing Gel) then moisturise with the Hyrda Bebe creme and then again finish off with the Vitamin barrier cream. I’ll let you know the normal range smell beautiful. Not over powering like some other ranges are.

Byron has also been using the moisturiser on his face (mainly around under the eyes and nose). He has a tendency to rub his eyes and to top it off the wind burn we get when walking to school can really irritate his face. The face moisturiser works absolute wonders and a little mum hack… so does the Vitamin barrier creme. ( if it’s good enough for baby butts then it’s good enough for the face!) I will admit I also use the face creme and if I want some intense moisturiser I will slather my face in barrier creme before I go to sleep. You wake up with incredibly soft skin trust me!

I’m am so excited to again be teaming up with the guys from Mustella to be giving a lucky follower a beautiful gift pack for their little one.

The guys at Mustella will tailor the pack to suit the skin needs of your family!

All you have to do is check out my Instagram account.

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